Pro:Commerce - Online eCommerce Solution

 Online eCommerce Solution. If you want your eCommerce website to stand out and offer an interesting and fresh experience to your shoppers then we will help you develop and take your business to market. Pro:Commerce is Propona’s eCommerce platform; a core framework of tools for successful online selling backed up with functionality to process and manage your orders, contact and deliver marketing to customers and extract up-to-the-minute reports on your online store’s performance.

Key features of Pro:Commerce include:

  • Easy stock management: Up-to-the-minute reports
  • Powerful product / service catalogue
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Fast and reliable order processing system
  • Search facilities within the product categories
  • Up-selling online tools
  • Easy to integrate orders, contact list, and e-marketing
  • Supporting Customer Relationship Management

The core of the system is a powerful product catalogue and order processing system. An unlimited number of products can be created and organised into a hierarchy of categories and sub-categories and search facilities are available to visitors to ensure that they can quickly find the purchases they wish to make.

The product catalogue includes stock management and the ability to set up differential pricing for wholesale and reseller arrangements.

The order processing side of the site is designed to allow you to manage and organise a large number of orders in an efficient manner. Orders can be individually examined and dispatched and packing sheets and confirmation emails can be automatically produced.

Pro:Commerce also contains content management functionality to customise content beyond the product-related areas of your website. Related features such as an animated list of customer’s testimonials and an “people who purchased this also purchased” are included. For your online shoppers the product includes the ability to register and review the status of all orders in the system and to set up an address book of order recipients.

Standard eCommerce functionality in the form of a customer shopping cart, registration, password reminder and checkout pages are at the core of the system. Visitors do not need to register with the site to begin shopping.

Propona provide user documentation and training for the product and, as with all our solutions, the “service wrap” we offer around the product is a unique selling point. Pro:Commerce was 100% developed by the Propona team and so any specific or unusual requirements can be accommodated by asking us to extend the core product. It is this aspect of our work which has been the strongest feature of Pro:Commerce sales.

Pro:Commerce can be integrated with any payment service and the list of recent payment providers with which the system has been delivered are:

  • Barclays
  • Protx
  • SecureTrading
  • SecPay
  • WorldPay
  • PayPal
Please see our portfolio, case studies and testimonials for some examples of Pro:Commerce in action.