Software Development

Propona offers bespoke software development services in all of Microsoft’s core programming technologies as well as more general technologies and techniques, within the quality infrastructure of our Solutions Project Lifecyle and in line with our proven abilities as a Microsoft Partner. Using this experience we are able to capture your requirements and architect and implement a solution that uses the optimal combination of technologies to meet these requirements. These technological areas may include HTML5, JavaScript, ASP.NET, web, windows and SQL Server database components.

What is the different between website and software development projects? Not much - there is an overlap - but projects that are categorised under our software development service will typically involve more complex software development whether this be web, database, mobile, Windows 8 or, as likely, a combination of these. Typically more complex projects mean more complex requirements and due consideration is necessarily given to these areas. In comparison your typical ecommerce or CMS project will have fairly standardised requirements.

For further examples of previous software development projects see our Portfolio